27-11-07 Second Ships Log of the day

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Tue 27 Nov 2007 19:51
Dear readers,

THis is a second log by way of update really, also the wind is light and sea
has eased a little so I took the opportunity to come below and chat to you.

Jeff was up to coming below and processing then pics so I thought I would
get them off asap.

Today's earlier blog was filled with boys stuff and it is interestng to note
that the ship has moods. at 10am at change of watch we are all up for a
while and high spirits prevail, this happens again at 6pm at change of watch
where we try to have a full crew meal and a catch up on the day. Between
times the ship quietens down, one watch is working and the other sleeping
and so a more subdued mood prevails, still fun and chatty but noticably less

We have seen only a couple of other boats today and this is likely to be the
way from now on as ships spread out.
The weather is predicted to stay as is till about Sunday, but the nearer we
get to Sunday the more we will know.
I looked through the emails on my phone today and saw one from Kate in the
US. Hello Kate!!.

I am off watch now and so will sleep. I am back on at 10pm till 2am. timw
now 19.25pm.

To David Cope, who leant me his watch "1021 most of today but 1022 now"

Nighty night xx