13-12-07 but from 9-12-07 PHOTO " For Queen and Country"

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 13 Dec 2007 21:38

This pic was taken on the 9th but somehow evaded posting til now.
So here it is on the 13th but belonging to the 9th....
I'm sure we all feel like that sometimes....I know I do.

The squalls were worse at night, during the day it was windy and rainy but

Mike decided to re-lash the flag during the afternoon.

Although this pic does not show it, The water behind him is in fact
something of a monster. We did not get the moment it wet his gonads as
Sneaky Jeffery had the camera safe inside its bag seconds after this.
But.... Ant got it on Video.

Mike...you old Royalist!!

JPEG image