28-11-07 Ships log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Thu 29 Nov 2007 19:44
Dear readers,

Today has been a quiet day all in all. Weather has been good, NE at
12-18knts. We go a litle better with about 20knts but we will not wish for
more....the Gods may show us what "more" can mean.
Our weather router man, Chris Tibbs sends us a daily email with expected
wind strength and outlook, all currently looks good til Sunday, and after
that still OK so I don't let the Gods even hear me thinking about more
We are spurred on by response to the photos we send and so are thinking what
else and how else to present our dear reader with interesting material. We
have a full moon at the moment although it is waning. We tried to capture
Maximus at night and the strange faces that we see in it at night. In the
attached photos is one which when on our screen shows a ghostly presence, it
is more visible in the A5 size but does impart, on the artistic side some of
the personality of the sail, and on the practical side, the difficulty of
managing Maximus at night.
We flew maximus all night and we reckon to do so again tonight. The main
thing is that if the wind is steady and no squalls then we make best time
with it up, if not we bring it down at change of watch in favour of the
genniker. This is a big sail but is on a roller so that we can pull a rope
and windthe sail back in, sort of like loo paper on it's end!!. AS you know
it is always easier to pull loo paper out than roll it back up, the same
applies to sails, indeed, may be we have stumbled upon a universal truth

Starb'd Watch have gone over to the dark side in so much as we now have
porridge for breakfast not meusli, this puts the full pressure on the Port
Watch to eat all the 12.5kg of meusli that they insisited upon in Gran
Canaria. If it is not finished up before St Lucia and Colette sees it,
there will be "wigs on the green".

This blog was not sent when written as the wind began to play up and some
serious looking rain squalls made themselves a nuisance. WE managed to avoid
them but it took u blog time and by the time I got back to blogging ,the
night was upon us...more later. ( infact about 10 minutes because I am going
to write it to catch up as soon as I have uploaded yesterdays pics. Then I
need to do the same for today's pics. It never ends!!

Bye see you in the next email Tim XXX