12-12-07 Ships Log

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Wed 12 Dec 2007 22:01

OK, Sorry about yesterday, No big reason really, mainly tiredness.

Yesterday, (Tuesday 11-12-07)was a blustery day with some rain in the early
hours. We sailed with 1 reef in the genoa, wind over port, then Starb'd
quarter at between 20 and 32knts. There were a couple of squalls but not to
40knts, still if keeps that tense feeling stoked up nicely!!

Probably the highlight of the day was lunch. We had real downhome beans on
toast!! The beanz were Hienz,
After all......Beanz Meanz Hienz...Doesn't it?.
The bread was worthy of remark. It was bought in Las Palmas in the
supermarket, standard white sliced. Being such it was treated with a little
contempt by the crew and was neglected in favour of other more exotic
products of the bread kind, indeed, it was left in it's poly bag on the
shelf in the sun for the whole time......."Not edible" I hear you
say...."Nay" say I, "Edible".

The were some among us that felt we should forget the bread, I volunteered
to taste a piece...by some act of the almighty it was fresh!! well, fresh
enough! Straight into the grill it went and beanz on top with red sauce and
brown sauce, loads of salt and pepper....lovely jubbly!!

We all 5 partook of said feast, then reflected on what cunning wizardry had
been applied to the loaf to keep it fresh whilst in the sun. We settled on
unholy amounts of restricted preservatives, probably banned in UK. Still, it
was delicious!!

I will gloss quickly over the inevitable cosequences of a boat of 5 men
having eaten beans on toast......

Suffice to say that all readers with a "toilet" sense of humour and a mental
age of about 14, would have felt just so at home!!
I , myself refrained from passing.....judgement, or anything else yesterday
retaining to lunch.

Moving on... after dinner Ant, Jeff and I sat below and played songs. Lots
of Bob Dylan from Jeff, but....and here is a thing.....Jeff didn't know of
Tom Waits...well he does now!!. Ant brought us Massive Attack, His wedding
song, (Daniel Bedingfield )and other songs that young people listen to. Moby
Oh yes!..AND THE GIRL FROM, "Skunk a Nancy". All very interesting.

Now by this time it was about 9.30pm and we were due on watch at 10pm. I was
so tired that I just had a 10 minute nap....till 10pm, and then it was rough
and I didn't feel up to blogging.

After the big winds, I was understandably tired for a day or so, we all
were. Once that was over , we were just gone half way and for me at least a
down day or so occurred, probably a reaction to the tension and getting too
tired. Since then, The winds, although strong have not been such a worry,
yet I have been tired still...I think it is all pent up stuff running
through me. There is also work, proper work that does not go away and has to
be dealt with, so all in all.....I slept a lot and didin't do the blog.

Today's wind has been much as yesterday, from 20 -30knts, having said that
we had a squall of 38knts with tremendous rain all horizontal. It came out
of nowhere within minutes. We double reefed the genoa and plodded on.
Trevor saw a big whale this afternoon very close to the boat, but it only
showed itself the once.
The second half of the day had been spent estimating our arrival time at St
Lucia. Current thinking is mid Friday afteroon, but it all depends of
course, but somewhere here is reasonable.

Most peoples thoughts are now centred on arriving and ice cream and still
beds and air conditioning etc etc .

I am going now as I have to relieve Trevor at the wheel, see, no sleep

I will try to do better tomorrow,
Bye or now Tim XXX