9-12-07 PHOTO "Pre apocalyptic calm"

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Sun 9 Dec 2007 22:01

These were taken thr afternoon of Wednesday the 6th.

The first one is just fun, Sneaky Jeffery getting caught trying to snap a
sneaky shot......

The sign Anthony is making means....Not this time Sneaky!!

The second is quite a moment and is not posed.
We were flying Picasso, but there were dark clouds around.
I was steering and concentrating on wind angles, Anthony was on look
out for squalls.
Squalls develop quite quickly and an innocent cloud can slyly
transmorgify within 10 minutes.
Anthony had just noticed a nasty looking cloud changing....at
exactly this moment.

I turned round to look, we snuffed the sail immediately with
all hands and moments later..

The Shit hit us... Both Barrels. Point Blank. It lasted till
yesterday morning, (Saturday ).

JPEG image

JPEG image