On the way to Madeira!

Rebel T
Tim Walsh
Mon 3 Sep 2007 19:05
36:35.27N 09:31.50W

Due to full English breakfasts with chips and extra toast we actually left a
few hours later than planned, although much fortified by the delay!

As we sailed along the Portuguese coast we were greeted by many dolphins,
always a joy to see them. Now as the sun goes down we are sailing at seven
knots on an empty blue ocean with full sail and a northerly force four wind.

Dominik is making tea and by the sounds coming from my brother, Andrew, we
think that he has Amy Winehouse on his MP3 player.

Tim and Rupert are asleep in readiness for their 22.00 watch.

Tim will continue the blogs tomorrow but wants me to pass on a big Hello to
his fans!

Good sailing