Bread Position 15:31.090N 45:07.928

Graham & Lesley
Fri 9 Feb 2018 11:42
Due to boat problems we have missed a couple of reports.
We have all been busy rectifying.
Fridge down.
Watermaker production gauge malfunction.
Watertank pump surgeing.
All are now fully functioning and we are continueing to make exellent progress having passed the half  way mark yesterday evening.
This morning it became evident that as we tossed the penicillin loaded green bread that we would spend 5-6 days with no toast or soldiers for our boiled eggs.
Luckily we had someone on board who proffessed to have some knowledge of baking bread at sea.
The skipper took a deap breath and commited to producing rustic bread. True to his word by midday 2 wholesome loaves lay on the counter top, we would continue to live.
Special dinner tonight to mark our halfway, menu to be decided.
Another busy day ending with 2 of the crew spotting a rainbow and a whale,  the remaining crew ribbing the spotters suggesting that of course the whale was probably jumping over the said rainbow.
Sailing is not all Gin and tonic at 6 or 8 bells I just spotted Sarah sat on the floor of the galley peeling potatoes for the evening dinner which will be eaten in the dark with spoons out of dishes, so much for the special dinner.
Mojo out