We have Company Position 14:59.153N 50:05.162W

Graham & Lesley
Sat 10 Feb 2018 20:34
At approximately 10:30 this morning we spottted aanother vessel on the horizon getting closer as time went by.
It is a rare event to see another yacht monohull at the same time in the same location and she was getting even closer.
We called our position on the radio and requested a responce a crackle came back however no one could decifer what was said.
We then hear the callback this is yacht GiGi yacht GiGi, we agreed to go rom channel 16 to working channel 74 and started chatting with the skipper, it transpired they had been in the same squall and had lost a headsail halyard which meant they could zig zag down the line to St Lucia, we then agreed to keep an ear out for each other and also agreed to meet outside the sail repairers in Rodney Bay our marina destination.
A quick tally on our instruments showed we would at the current rate make landfall within the next 4 days.
On the fishing front we are now experts at catching fish, we are useless at keping them on the end of the line and landing ah well frozen Bacalau tonight for dinner.
Mojo out