What a shower Position 16:03.055N 34:09.074W

Graham & Lesley
Sun 4 Feb 2018 18:33
Its raining its blowing up to 35 Knots a squal has come from nowhere and Sarah who s on watch has to act quickly to avoid the boat being overpressed.
Going through the practised drills she quickly puts a reef in the mainsail and furls in the headsail to bring Mojo under control and all this in the pitch black and now heavily raining she is pretty wet.
Its not log before the squal conyinues on its way searching out another unsuspecting yacht and its crew.
Following Saturday nights events Sunday comes up trumps we are producing our own water today from our recently installed desalination unit and all onboard take a shower.
At 12:30 today we have reached 1/4 of the total distance so a cheer went up to mark the first milestone, all aboard in good spirits and looking foreward to dinner.
Mojo out