Rough Night Out 16:33.035

Graham & Lesley
Fri 2 Feb 2018 17:03
Sea sickness is debilitating particularly so when its accompanied by winds gustin 19 to 27 knots, sails to trim all night and all aboard pleased when dawn broke and the wind abated.
All aboard are now on a diret course to our destination and for the time being we are eating up the  miles.
The tradewinds have arrived early and midmorning we changed course and with the wind directly behind us set our rig to goosewing us into the second night at sea.
We are on a course of 270 degrees and the sun sets diectly over our bow, a couple of hours later a full moon rises directly behind us and lights up a dark orange road to follow through the night which gave us  a battle scenario with a load of flying fish determined to join us.
Our repaired autohelm is performing well and we have made some adjustments to our helming computer which are making us more efficient and will give us more miles traveling a staighter course.
For those interested our first 24 hours gave us a run of 153 nautical miles, Mo Farrer can run faster than we sail now theres a statistic.
Onward and upward
Mojo out