Food fest Position 16:13.445N 31:14.309W

Graham & Lesley
Sat 3 Feb 2018 19:51
Saturday gave us a day of excellent boat food, we had a surplus of fruit nrippening to quickly so we had to eat it.
Papaya  banana oranges and apples were the order of the day and for once we all ate breakfast together, when on watch its not easy fitting into 3 squares a day.
lunch gave usmixed vegetables and grilled bacon a weekend treat and a rare skippers dinner served up of Chicken a la everything, all on board ate well today.
Sailing due west through rain during the night brought us into the sunshine and a distinct increase in temperature, shorts at night coming soon.
We check our 24 hour run at 10:00 every morning and hope we will have improved today. We picked up a forecast via iridim phone this morning which shows constant 20 25 knots for the next 4 days, we live in Hope, actually we dont Hope is a village outside Bishops Castle.
Mojo out