Position 19:43.637N 23:15.058

Graham & Lesley
Sun 21 Jan 2018 16:48
,Going South or West
Sails set for the final day or more of our first leg to Mindelo, we are now on a charge to get us to the entrance of Mindelo Marina whillste daylight is still abundant, lights out last night increased to 19:00 so its charge or slow the boat down.
Mojo is  delight to sail with favourable winds and the sails and rigging are under pressed, we are flying along at 6,7,and 8 knots swell behind us we just clocked 12.5 knots which is no mean feat for a boat 44 ft in length.
During the day we put in a couple of gybes to put us on the best course to winward and settled down to the remaining hours to beer oclock which is estimated to be 17:00 hours.
Our planning for the journey was 5 days nd 8 hours  which makes for 45 mins behind planned, not bad for an old bloke and his dreams.
Apparently we have a surprise dinner tonight cooked by our crewman a Catalunian Orial Armangue, I just hope its not the flying fish we found on deck this morning.
Mojo Clear