position 13:48.505N 58:01.886W

Graham & Lesley
Tue 13 Feb 2018 21:23
 A squall to far has caused our blog to wane today we had one of the biggest ever witnessed and it lasted for 45 minutes something which is unheard of, everyone on deck soaking wet and willing it to end.
ith it we experienced winds of 34 knots and our pole snapped likke a twig, something else to glue together when we finally make our landfall.
Just checking the insruments and our rate of progress this may be our last night at sea in the atlantic., 166 miles remaining at 7.2 knots, work it out yourself we are now befuddled at the prospect of arrival and the reason for this is that onboard we have entered into a slower world, the people we are going to meet will have remained animated and full of stress that comes with life.
I remember the last time I crossed how strange that everyone ashore was rushing about.
We will try to let uou know we have arrived safe and sound, but its going to be close to the end of a busy day.
e will do our best.
Mojo out