Position heading to Mindelo

Graham & Lesley
Tue 30 Jan 2018 10:58
Not easy writing the blog today as this morning we set off for the Carribean and are now facing a 4 hour slog upwind to effect repairs.
The bolt that holds the piston onto the quadrant f the rudder has sheered and although we effected a repair it was not successful.
So the skipper takes the wrap and we hope to be back in mindelo today and complete the reinstatement tommorrow.
The only upside so far was that last night we spent at anchor enjouing a lobster dinner prepared onboard before a fitfull sleep.
Boating or yachting sometimes has an unncannny way of telling you whos in charge.
Yes we should have a spare onboard, however if we carried a spare for every eventuallity we would be towing another yacht behind us.
And we all say its part of the experience, onward and upward the straits between the islands looming, batten eveything down its a wind exelleration zone and we are  going uphill.
Mojo out.