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Graham & Lesley
Thu 1 Feb 2018 17:22
Folllowing our autohelm breakage and the return to Mindelo, we are now headed for St Lucia once again.
A day of repairs incuded installing a new port navigation light which one wave just took from the boat, we only discovered this whilste hosing all the sea salt off the boat, for the crew its easy just walk into the shower sunglasse and all and remove all layers while the water takes all the salt, each of the crew had taken turns at the helm and had also taken big waves in the face.
We are now bowling along in the sunshine lines out waiting for our first catch, all on board are at the same stage of their fishing career, they know nothing and we just missed hooking into a seabird who liked the look of our current lure , pink in colour.
All on board settling into the routine of ocean sailing and the skipper just announced only 42 watches to go before landfall, with good fortune and winds it may be less.
Mojo out