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Graham & Lesley
Wed 4 Apr 2018 20:47
Granada to Bonaire In out in out shake it all about.
Update for Mojo of Cowes
People are coplaining they cant see us and dont know where we are so here goes.
Our trip into Rodney Bay Saint Lucia left us with a few repairs we didnt mention.........................
During the second to last night out Mojo was hit by a freak wave that came out of nowhere and knocked us flat, luckily she came up from the knockdown shook off the water and continued on the same course, luckily the boat cushions wher all stashed in the opposite bedspace which for the journey was separated by Lee cloths, the skipper was launched through the leecloth and survived landing squarely on the cushions, nobody hurt we took stock replaced all the escaped objects and continued on our way where all repairs where effected at little cost by the Chinaman, no name just the Chinaman.
So we have been cruising the windward islands including St Lucia, St Vincent, Bequay, Tobago Quays, Union, Petite St Vincent, Petite Martinique and Mustique.
We were going to bypass Mustique but due to incoming weather decided to shelter there for a few days before going to Tobago Quays which is exposed to the full atlantic weather, we hid in Mustique which was welcoming and freindly and also home to the stars, rich and famous people, unfortunately Basils Bar one of the few wateing holes on the island was being refurbished, again we were in luck as we were still tied up on a bouy opposite and decided to attend the opening night.
Outfitted in our best fashion items we rowed ashore for a few drinks and stood with the people of the  island and some bloke called Mick Jagger............
Well all that cruising has come to an end and we are on a three day passage to Bonaire which we are told has 38 dive sites and the best snorkelling in the area period, we will see.
Three people on board, the Catalan Urio has left to travel to Mexico and Sahrah and John will depart in a week of arriving in Bonaire so its back on to crewbay to get crew for the big one.
So for the first hour of sailing all onboard forgotten what goes where and sails going i out in out, finaly all set and goosewinging our way West into the sunset with the wind directly behind us, it doesnt get any better.
Mojo out for now