21:47.o63N 22:01.977W

Graham & Lesley
Sat 20 Jan 2018 16:36
All Change
During the night the wind started to swing to the East, due to our sail cnfiguration we had to follow it as the poled out position of our sails restricted our course and to change during the hours of darkness would not be safe practice.
At daylight with all hands on deck we rerigged the sails, altered course and started to reduce the miles to our target.
We are now sailing on a broad reach and have increased our speed over the ground, which indicates arrival Monday 22nd January 2018.
The sea state which now was confused did not make for comfortable movement about the boat so it was hold with one hand for every pace, all aboard had in the past experienced the enevitable travel without gravity and the bang on landing, for those on deck it was clipped on lifejackets and leashes.
from all on board Mojo
p.s We believe the reportin position may be garbled however we cannot see the blog so will attempt to resolve the issue in Cape Verde
Mojo out