A squall to many Position 15:19.421N 47L33.942W

Graham & Lesley
Sat 10 Feb 2018 09:22
Mojo was heavily reefed prepare to sail through the night when a squall gathering its power fromthe sea arrived with its elivery of rain and wind our mainsail reduced to just 2 metres when it hit, blowing through the rigging we heard a loud crack followed by the unwanted sound of cloth ripping, we had a hole in the mainsail and steerage was proving difficult.
We rolled the remaining mainsail away which left us with just a slither to balance the boat with.
A repair was planned for daylight but prooved to be innefective so we are now maintaining speed using just our polled out headsail with under 700 miles remaining.
If the wind gives us any respite we will endeavor to remove it the sail from the mast, to do this it must be fully out and this is not an option with 25 knots of wind blowing.
So it was a dinner of mince and tatties, Scottish style at the end of the day with all onboard still boyant.
Keeep sailing
Mojo out