17 Januaary 2018

Graham & Lesley
Fri 4 Jan 2008 02:42
08:15 January 17th 2018. Mojo of Cowes slpped mooring lines and motored out of San Miguel Marina bound for Mindelo Cape Vede some 850 miles to the south close to the rhub line which would eventually take her on to Saint Lucia in the Carribean.Taking a course of 218 degrees under engine for some 3 hours in the lee of Tenerife which had been battered by North Easterly winds for the past 3 days, the foreast was as predicted and after some initial adjustments we were crusing at 6 plus knots with our sails set in the familiar goose wing configuration.
During the last 6 weeks Mojo had rested in the marina whilste her antifouling had been replaced and fitted with solar panels and adesalination unit to enable her to take on the journey which would end in Brisbane Australia.
At midday we commenced the log with a chart entry and our position marked on the chart, we were underaway and with some of the crew a little weasy we started to meander downwind under sunshine.
We will try to keeep those of you who are following interested in our journey.
On board we have
Sarah and Jon Modley a couple of scottish decent who have opte to take a break from their work routine.
Oriall who is Spanish and from Catalunia also a free diver and adventurer
With me acting as the skipper.
Watches have been allocated and we will be using a 2 hour on 6 off watch system, with a cooking rota to match, we already have our lines out expecting one of our meals to taste like fish but in this vast ocean who knows
From all on board Mojo and sent via our iridium phone.
Please do not reply to any emails only start new email no pictures no jkes and sms or txt like script
Pressing on  Position  27:17.405N 17:05.598