Position 14:32.826N 52:47.263W

Graham & Lesley
Sun 11 Feb 2018 17:14
Pole Position
Actually thats a lie our pole as been playing up and escaped from its position on the mast, a quick fix and we are up and running.
We have tacked onto a broad reach to get a final heading which wil take us to our waypoint in one move.
We decided to do this while it is still daulight, we loose an hour today as the clocks go back so timing is important as we dont put anybody on the foredeck at night if we can avoid it.
Now under 500 miles to go and we are trying to plan for a daylight arrival, if we are going to be early we just slow the progress down a little and get a dayliight entry into Rodney Bay marina.
Chicken pasta for dinner tonight and hopefully an uneventful night. All on board looking forward to a meal at a table thats stationary.
Just passing ODAS bouy number 41040 but cannot see it as its six miles away.
Mojo out