Seaweed Position 15:44.603N 39:44.563W

Graham & Lesley
Tue 6 Feb 2018 17:50
We didnt report yesterday as we were to busy dodging squalls all day and didnt get time to write.
Tuesday 6th February 5 days out.
Surrounded by seaweed we have ceased fishing as all we have caught is bunches of mustard coloured seaweed, so far on the fishing front we have caught and lost a sizeable fish and saw our dinner escape out back together with the lure used to entice it to our line.
Yesterday our lure was torn rom the line by a massive strike, it may have been one that we didnt want, so far our fish supplement is zero, in the meantime we keep fishing, we all say on board its because we are so fast and we dont want to rely on engine power if possible, so far we are still registering a full tank of fuel.
A great saving.
Mojo out