Winds on the nose!

Terry/ Nicola Flinn
Tue 21 Jun 2011 20:46
48:35.96N 4:33.72W
After our 3 days enforced stop in Guernsey, the winds moderated sufficiently to allow us to head for Brittany.
They remained fairly strong from an unhelpful south-westerly direction, which meant we had to spend the next 3 days with the winds on the nose.
Our first night was spent at anchor in the mouth of the River Trieux near the Isle de Brehat and the second we anchored in the little harbour at Primel near Roscoff. Today’s passage to L’Aber Wrac’h was the hardest so far, because the winds again strengthened and were right on the nose. The weather has been very unsettled and at times it has been very wet. Thankfully the wind steering has been working well and we have been able to shelter out of the elements and let it do the work.
We continue to be plagued by minor technical faults. Initally, the anchor windlass refused to work properly probably as a result of all the rain and salt water that has been flung at us. Lots of WD40 and some Irish technical adjustments sorted out that problem.
We we now have a full tank of cheap Guernsey diesel fuel, but because the boat is heeled over for most of the time, we have discovered a fuel leak from the inspection hatch on the top of the fuel tank.
The winds should reduce tomorrow and our course towards Camaret becomes due south, so we’re expecting a much more pleasant, smooth and level day’s sailing as we work our way down the Chenal du Four.