ARC Europe Departed Bermuda

Terry/ Nicola Flinn
Thu 24 May 2007 12:53
32:17.65N 62:57.00W 110 miles East of Bermuda
We crossed the start line at 12 noon on 23rd of May in Force 6 winds, bang on the nose! Not all the boats decided to brave it, but we don't want to miss the parties in Horta, so we are on our way. The winds increased to Force 7, but we were able to maintain a reasonable course. It was somewhat throwing Tony and Hamish in at the deep end( 'scuse the pun), neither of whom have sailed with us before. Moving around the boat, while beating into a Force 7, takes some doing, especially when you haven't quite got your sea legs. The winds are expected to calm down a little later today, so we hope conditions on board will be more pleasant. At least the first night is over and the sun is now shining. We are all well and staying cheerful.