So near yet so far

Terry/ Nicola Flinn
Fri 8 Jun 2007 13:39
38:37.2N 33:04.5W Thursday, 7th June.
Only 250 miles west of the Azores, but we're going nowhere.
The weather forecast warned that the Azores High pressure has been replaced by a vigorous, deep depression and that gale force winds and huge seas are expected for exactly our arrival time into Horta. This means it would be foolhardy to continue towards the islands and we will have to stay out in the Atlantic and wait until conditions improve; it will cost us an extra 2 days and is even more painful when we think about the boats that have already arrived safely in Horta.
Meanwhile, we change tack back towards Bermuda, so we can work our way north, in order to have a better wind angle into Horta when the weather improves. Nonetheless, in the first 24 hour period, we find ourselves almost 100 miles further away from the Azores.
We also take the opportunity to practice with our rarely used storm sails and try out various heave-to manoeuvres; surprisingly, the optimum solution seems to be lying to a backed, deeply reefed mainsail, with the headsail furled.
Now once again, we are on our way and expect to arrive in Horta on Saturday just in time for the farewell party!