Keep on Trucking

Terry/ Nicola Flinn
Sat 30 Sep 2006 06:55
In the 2 weeks since our last diary entry, we have covered more than 750
miles. After Palermo we made the 2 day crossing to Sardinia, then continued
for another 2 day sail to Menorca, followed by overnight passages to Ibiza
and then Cartegena on the Costa Blanca. After a 5 frustrating day delay in
Palermo waiting for suitable conditions, the winds have mostly been in our
favour and we have made rapid progress towards Gibraltar, our next major
We plan several days of cleaning, laundry, ( which is starting to get
critical ) boat maintenance and shopping.;not just for duty free goods, but
most importantly, this will be our last chance to stock-up with british
groceries in the large Safeway supermarket.
Lots of favourite foods are unavailable in the Canaries and Nicola has
prepared a comprehensive shopping list in preparation for our Atlantic
crossing in December.