Winds and rain again!

Terry/ Nicola Flinn
Thu 7 Jul 2011 14:13
We left Isle Aux Moines on Monday heading for the marina in Le Crouesty to go shopping and to get internet access so we could monitor the weather for the Bay of Biscay.
We exited the Morbihan on a very strong ebb tide which was flowing at over 5 knots through the narrow channel entrance. The water was very turbulent and disturbed in places.  We later heard that a British yacht had completely misjudged the tide while sailing down the channel and it ended up pinned on a rocky outcrop by the current; we later saw it being pulled into the boatyard at Le Crouesty.
Weather conditions for the next week were not forecast as being suitable for our crossing of Biscay and so we decided to explore the local area. We arrived in the little holiday town of Piriac-sur-Mer  which has a nice marina, but the approach is quite tricky because of rocks and a channel that dries out at low tide. The strong westerly winds have been relentless and it’s either brilliantly sunny  or it’s absolutely chucking it down.
We’ve decided to stay here until the weekend when conditions should improve enough to allow us to move on to Isle Houat ( pronounced What!) which should be our last anchorage before we head for Spain.