Day 8 - HOB exercises

Marco Versari
Sun 24 Mar 2024 20:15
39:30.819N 2:28.211E alle 12:30 LT (11:30 UTC) del 24 marzo 2024

Today it’s cloudy again and we expect up to 15knots. We don’t have to travel far anymore, we are very close to our vacation’s destination: Palma de Mallorca. That’s why we headed out to a 3 hour turn in the area to exercise some human over board maneuvers under sail. (There is various schools of thought how to react if one crew member falls into water. Our conclusion remains best measure is to avoid by all means falling into the water.)

It’s a funny feeling to head out under sail, but not heading anywhere distant. It’s a completely different emotion leaving leaving shore - and I guess it’s exactly that feeling that made this project so special for all it’s participants…. that and all the home made italian food on board of Avventura…. Today is Focaccia and Tagliatelle Sunday :D