Log Day 22: Pranzo domenicale

Marco Versari
Mon 12 Dec 2022 01:38
Three weeks ago, we left Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. To celebrate this, we had great gnocchi alla zucca fatti in barca, accompanied with a glas of Prosecco. (Altough, when we left, we didn't really think to be still at sea after this amount of days, we assumed the crossing would take around 18 days. But one cannot chose wind and weather - and we've ve had slower conditions for about the last third of the distance.)
As mentioned earlier in this blog, food is an important ingredient for the crew's well-being. We wanted to have a variety of good and fresh food, and plenty of it - also for the case that the trip takes longer. Something we are now very happy to have.
Food-wise, everything worked out very well. The first 10-14 days, we had a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. Now, we still have some oranges left, ate the last melon yesterday, and today some of the last vegetables (incl. the pumpkin). We've had almost no food waste. Assumed reasons: We bought fresh food at the Mercado Central in Las Palmas, handpicked, and then washed and dried every piece before storing it in the boat. Everyday, we checked what needed to be eaten and then created a menu with it. In the end, we had a different main meal every day (except Pesto, which we had twice). The second meal was sometimes similar (different kinds of salads, Couscous etc.). We've caught two fish out of five times fishing (altough today's fishing doesn't really count, we sailed to slowly for the lure to be attractive). Maybe we're lucky tomorrow.
Estimated time of arrival in St Lucia is tuesday. We still have good food and nice ideas what menus to cook - even for a longer time, but we are looking forward to see land again.
Position at 23:30 UTC (13:15.71N 57:27.49W)

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