Day 7

Marco Versari
Tue 19 Sep 2023 19:00
37:06.405N 08:40.423W alle 19:00 LT (18:00 UTC) del 18 settembre 2023.
We see land! After 6 days on open water we finally reach the shore of Portugal tonight. After changing conditions conditions during the night shifts switching several times from sailing to motor, even pulling up the gennaker at 2h30, we encountered a longer decrease of wind in the morning. Only in the after noon we could switch off the motor again to put up the Gennaker.
The mood increased immediately, not only because it is more fun to fly the Gennaker, but also because Aventura is returning to European mainland after a year being oout on this adventure. This called for Prosecco and Italodisco on the speaker. We enjoy the beautiful view with the rocky shore in golden evening light and dance on deck while approaching the Marina of Lagos.
We are all looking forward to have a delicious dinner in a nice restaurant tonight - food on board is equally good each time, but for once nobody has to cook or wash dishes.