Log Day 23: Ultime miglia - con vento buono

Marco Versari
Mon 12 Dec 2022 23:26
During the last night, the wind came back. Not a really strong one, but a solid 3Bf that brought us back to cruising speed. Good conditions for sailing the last nautical miles to St Lucia (at the time of writing 69nm to the island's north end, then another 8-ish across the finishing line and into the harbour).
When something is about to end, it is a good time to look back. When I'd have to sumarize the trip briefly, I would use one word: impressive. Or maybe two words: truly impressive - for there have been an uncountable amount of impressions: the ocean; the different colours; the stars in the night; the dolphins; sailing 24/7, sometimes in difficult situations, sometimes patiently trying to keep the boat moving; gennaker at night, only visible in the starlight; swimming with several kilometers of water below the feet; the birds in the middle of the Atlantic; sleeping half in the bed, half in the "Leesegel"; the flying fish, ... last but not least: sharing all this with 5 friends, and living with them on a 46ft. boat for over 3 weeks, working as a team to keep the boat savely on course no matter what.
Without getting spiritual, a crossing like this is an experience that changes something. Or at least, one can learn a lot during these days and nights on the ocean. For besides sailing, spending time with the crew, cooking, eating, and sleeping, there is a lot of time to contemplate the ocean and let your thoughts play with the waves.
The last day sailing on this crossing has ended with a spectacular sunset. Now, the last night begins.
Position at 23:20 UTC (13:52.99N 59:49.78W)

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