Day 11

Marco Versari
Sun 24 Sep 2023 13:31
36:09.093N 5:21.088W alle 17:40 LT (15:40 UTC) del 22 settembre 2023.
Today was an eventful day. It was the last leg of our journey. And we made it count. On the way from Cadiz to La Linea (and it took us several days to decide where to berth at last) we had again some fishing net challenges. But it seemed also another boat was challenging us, racing us on the last couple of miles before approaching the strait of Gibraltar.
And then the eagle eyes of Alessandra and Julia spotted what we were hoping not to encounter in this journey - the fin of an Orca. Luckily it remained at a sighting and no further contact.
Happy about our escape into more shallow water, the wind further increased and we couldn't resist to sail into the bay of Gibraltar under Gennaker. The winds in the afternoon were strong, and reached up to 27 knots. It takes some experience to fly the Gennaker which such conditions - we had them on board!
After a long day we finally arrived at La Linea. The crew was tired, but we didn't want to miss out the delicious spanish tapas for dinner. One last night out all together, before the for 2/3 of the crew is leaving the next morning.

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