Bermuda - Azores : Day 4

Marco Versari
Sat 20 May 2023 22:39
32:17.975N 56:17.001W alle 20:30 (22:30 UTC) del 18 maggio 2023.
-Sun, music and whales
-Smiles and rest finally
-And a good shower to freshen our skins, like the shining sun freshens our souls
-When sailing in the ocean you can admire in the sky what you study in the books about meteo. This morning, at sunshine, we passed through the eye of of the cyclon* that proved us the previous days, it was quite a good moment! Now we reached the long awaited sweet high pressure of the Azores. Our hearts are higher and dryer now! It's laundry time!
*technically a "cold front squeezed in between two high pressures merging together with a developing low pressure at the end of the front" but it doesn't sound as cool.
-Today's blog has been written freely and collectively by Alessandro C., Alessandro G., Marco V., Marco C., Daniele & Mattia. 

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