Bermuda - Azores : Day 1

Marco Versari
Wed 17 May 2023 20:38
32:26.281N 63:58.510W alle 18:00 (20:00 UTC) del 17 maggio 2023.
Another big departure day. After saying goodbye to one crewmember, Federica, and welcoming another one on boar, Alessandro, the new crew is now complete for this next step of the way.
Avventura's bow will now be pointing towards the East, until we reach the Azores, 1,800 nautical mile away.
It is twice as far as we have already sailed until now, and the weather conditions already appear to be quite varied. We  plan on reaching the Portuguese archipelago in approximately two weeks.
The departure from St George was a beautiful moment, with the many sails on the water all rushing towards the ocean, eager to feel the vastness of the sea once more.
We leave Bermuda and the crystal blue water of its reef, its lush vegetation with many different trees and flowers, its peculiar roofs and friendly population.
The fleet is now spreading out and we hear less and less clearly the radio messages from the island, signs that we are getting further away from other humans.
For a period of time that feels simultaneously eternal and relatively short, it will be only us six and the boat.

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