Day 5 - around Ibiza

Marco Versari
Sat 23 Mar 2024 09:31
38:59.515N 1:17.308E alle 16:00 LT (15:00 UTC) del 21 marzo 2024

This morning we had an earlier start than yesterday, because we needed to take care of some maintenance and top up some fuel before leaving. Wind conditions allowed us a nice turn around Cabo Llentrisca after which we took the space between Ibiza mainland and the rocks Islote Vedranell to exercise a bit. Since it took us more time than expected, we had to have lunch with the autopilot. Luckily we still had 2 portions of fresh made gnocchi from yesterday ready to be cooked. After lunch we then stopped at Cala Codolar to have a coffee and a little break. Around 14.30 we continued around Isla Conejera, where gusts went up to 20 knots and headed reefed to Cala Gracio, where we spent the night. It’s a rather tight bay, kind of protected from the wind. Not perfect, but good enough compared to the alternatives around. This side of Ibiza doesn’t look very populated from the water. But the houses we saw seem to be holiday villas built very close to the edge of the cliff. A cliff of sand stone, that most of the time is already so washed out that we would expect the terrasses of the villas to collapse in any instance. One must be brave or stupid to build a house in those places. 

At Cala Gracio the water is very clean and turquoise, inviting us for a swim. So far we dipped into the water everyday since we reached the Baleares, but today the sun didn’t come out. Feeling a bit chilly,

we chose reading over bathing.