Bermuda - Azores : Day 8

Marco Versari
Wed 24 May 2023 23:39
36:55.606N 46:57.747W alle 21:00 (23:00 UTC) del 24 maggio 2023.
We are getting closer than ever to the middle point and, like any place with life in it, the center tends to be more densely populated. The north Atlantic ocean does not escape this rule. As proof of this, we were constantly interrupted during our happy hour by cetaceans.
The first and biggest visitor was a whale, similar in size to the boat, that loudly got out of the way when we got too close. It was a big surprise to suddenly be very close to such a large animal, and we didn't even had time to sit back down that the next visitors came in. Unidentified cetaceans, bigger than dolphins but smaller than our star guest, were seen jumping calmly in the water. Later research in the famous boat library revealed nothing. After such events and with plenty of chips still in the bags, it is almost understandable that the dolphins were just quickly looked at, barely marking a pause in the conversation.
Obviously, no cameras were present to capture any of this. They would have made quite esthetic portraits of jumping dolphins in the sunset on a calm, almost mirror sea.
Instead, another picture from yesterday's photo shoot is offered.

JPEG image