Day 2

Marco Versari
Mon 18 Mar 2024 16:39
36:54.850N 1:45.551W alle 16:55 LT (15:55 UTC) del 18 marzo 2024

During the evening a little bit of fog was building up on the water. Sight was still good enough, but not seeing the coast anymore made this moment feel like being really far away from the land we left behind once we left La Linea.

The big Dolphin family we crossed after dinner made it even more special. We watched these beautiful creatures jump playfully in the golden light of dusk that diffused through the fog,

an here we go, we start our alternating night shifts as short handed crew.

As soon as it got dark, we were blessed with another beautiful phenomena. It is incredible what the human brain can create from data collected by the eye that technology still struggles to compute. It’s a almost a clear night with a perfectly halfed moon that slowly makes its way from our mast top to the back left side of the boat. It’s light reflects on the almost completely flat sea. The hull breaks it’s way through the water and excites some bioluminescent algae that dance away in the foam of the small waves we create. A moment to sit, gaze, admire and appreciate.

In the morning the sea surface seemed like silk. No disturbance on the water just the yellow golden sunrise light from the orange-pink horizon mirrored on it. We can see Cabo de Gata now. It’s cloudy and still a bit chilly. Around lunch the wind changes and let’s the sun provide a warm mediterranean climate on deck, so much that we decide to have a quick dip in the 16°C cold water at the bay Morron de los Genoveses. 

Then just before lunch we decided to sail under Gennaker for a couple of hours. The wind direction is not perfect and will bring us a bit off course, but we take that detour to give our ears a small rest. Shortly before five we retrieved the sail, switch the motor back on and are preparing for the night.