Day 1

Marco Versari
Tue 12 Sep 2023 19:03
37:41.829N 25:23.016W alle 21:00 (21:00 UTC) del 11 settembre 2023.
On Monday short after 15h00 our crew was complete. After two days preparing the boat for our adventure checking functionality, doing small maintenance and buying tons of fresh food for the upcoming 7 days on the atlantic, we made sure to not delay our departure.
Currently we have a high pressure over the azores which will gift us with a rather calm sea. Corinne and Alessandra appreciate to get some time to accustom, hoping to escape sea sickness.
But it also means, that there is not much wind. Under motor we left Ponte Delagada and cruised along the coast. After sunset we had our first dinner with fresh melon from the island and prosciutto serrano.
During the night shifts we had a beautiful starry night and the plankton painted a luminous frame around our boat.
Who was off duty tried to get some hours of quality sleep. While the soaring sound of the motor served almost as a hypnotizing lullaby.
Night shifts last 3h and are overlapping in half, so the company one has on duty changes after 1.5h which makes the time run rather fast.
Early, just before sunrise, the first Dolphins came for a short salute. During the morning we even got a glimpse of a whale passing by. After lunch with crunchy salad, cheese prociustto and fresh ananas from the island, most crew members retired for a little siesta.
We continue to enjoy the sun and the calm sea on deck to rest but also get the last task's on board done with tranquility.