Day 8

Marco Versari
Tue 19 Sep 2023 19:01
36:58.170N 7:57.376W alle 17:15 (16:15 UTC) del 19 settembre 2023.
Yesterday night we arrived just 5 min after the marina closed. We berthed at the check-in pontoon for the night which gave us a head start at the gas station in the morning, being the first boat to top up water and diesel. But before we went to bed we dined at a beautiful gourmet restaurant called Artistas in Lagos. The five courses were a delight for the eye and the taste buts. Local organic wine and a glass of port helped us fall into deep sleep at night.
In the morning, Marco C. and Julia were happy to have a nice morning run in the sun, just before a stroll at the local market to get some more fresh fruit and bread. Around 10h00 we left Lagos to reach our next destination. The weather is nice and the coast offers some beautiful cliffs where we stopped and anchored for a short jump in the sea. There is still a lot of tourism going on with small motor boats coming  and going, visiting the many natural caves along the shore.
We are about to reach Faro now, where we try to anchor during the night.
Besides preparation for arrivals, home made Gnocchi are in the making that we hope to enjoy during a marvelous sunset.