Day 2

Marco Versari
Wed 13 Sep 2023 20:27
37:50.0138N 20:24.355W alle 20:00 (21:00 UTC) del 13 settembre 2023.
We were blessed with another clear sky last night. During night shifts we were counting many shooting stars. The attention was then caught by a weird planet (that's what we assume) which appears so shiny that it creates a silver stripe on the water. After a minute it disappears for a while, before it lights up again. Making theories about what it could be kept us busy during the calm night. A bit before sunrise even the moon showed up. A very thin half circle, almost looking like a golden boat on the horizon was announcing dawn. It was the last 2% of I as we are entering into new moon today. 
During the day there was still not enough wind to switch off the motor for a while. Getting a bit bored we started to exercise reefing, marked some ropes, put some grease here and there and took an outdoor shower (not a luxury we enjoy every day).
After lunch we couldn't help but to put up the small Gennaker (A5) just for the sake of it - we are sailors, not cruisers  after all. During about an hour we gave our ears a rest from the soaring motor, switching it off, enjoying the lovely sound of the water splashing from the side of the boat and the sail clapping with the movement every small wave creates. Getting bored of that too, we switched the motor on again to get back on course and ready for apperitivo.
During the beautiful evening light around 18.30, we then finally got entertained by some dolphins playing around, competing with each other doing flips in the air. The day was rounded with dinner during sunset. What a privilege to enjoy fresh and excellent food while camping on the ocean. Life is good on Avventura, even without wind.