Sint Maarten - Bermuda : Day 5

Marco Versari
Wed 10 May 2023 19:29
28:18.119N 63:36.331W alle 16:00 (19:00 UTC) del 10 maggio 2023.
Yesterday's dreams were quite peculiar. A missile shot across the night sky, knocking down the stars in its path. They fell into the sea, creating submarine constellations, dancing around the boat.
It was later on discovered that we all shared the same dream, and so as strange as it may seem, it had to be accepted as reality.
But what caused such a strange succession of events ?
The object crossing the sky was most likely, we theorized, a rocket launch. Coming straight west from us, where Florida is, we imagined its departure from Cape Canaveral, before crossing the entire sky leaving a smoking trail behind it.
Or maybe instead of going towards space was it falling from it ?
After such a mysterious occurrence, one can forgive mistaking the phosphorescent plankton for fallen stars. It was indeed the first time during this journey that we observed this phenomenon, admittedly more common that a UFO but not less fascinating.
Other notable events of this unique night involved a shy dolphin and getting caught up by a rainy cloud at sunrise. I wish there was a special word to describe a rainbow produced by the pink light of dawn.

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