Day 3

Marco Versari
Wed 20 Mar 2024 18:09

38:41.724N 1:23.159E alle 1:00 LT (15:55 UTC) del 20 marzo 2024

Monday night after dinner we started our night shifts again. We decided to make the shifts slightly longer since always the first hour is the difficult one. By dusk some fog builds up again and we navigate with a covered sky. The lights around Cabo de Palos shine bright. One major milestone done at around 4 am.

Another sunny day was expecting us. After following the coast of Spain we headed out directly to the Baleares. Land slowly disappeared on the horizon and wind conditions allowed us some pleasant cruising under sails during the afternoon. Again towards the evening some fog was building up and wind got lighter. Around 22h30 the wind was in our favor again, and so we sailed towards Formentera, enjoying the sounds of the ocean (and a little background music). Already 10 miles ahead of the little island south of Ibiza we could smell the pine trees. Incredible how your senses react after not having had the diversity of smells outdoors, that we are used to. Basically we could smell Formentera before we saw it. We reached the island shortly before 1am. The sky cleared up and we set the anchor, then we had a short night cap in the beautiful moonlight before having a long and well deserved rest at Cava Saona.