Log Day 04: Delfini al tramonto

Marco Versari
Wed 23 Nov 2022 22:10
Today's picture of the day was meant to show how we deal with food, how Marco C. browses through our fresh vegetables and fruit in order to find out what needs to be eaten. It could have also shown the nice guacamole that he and Ale prepared for our aperitivo (Avventura is kind of a gourmet-boat).
But then, just before sunset, when the sky was already painted in a nice orange, the dolphins came. Tantissimi!!! They played with the boat's and the ocean's waves and even did acrobatic jumps while we sailed towards the setting sun.
Hence, the vita-a-bordo-picture needs to wait. (We had a great Pesto Genovese afterwards, a real Ligurian style one).
Posizione (22:59.85N 22:07.15W) alle 23:09 UTC del 23 novembre 2022 - arrivati al tropico!

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