Log Day 16: "Capitano, o mio capitano" - Riflessioni delle donne di bordo

Marco Versari
Mon 5 Dec 2022 21:26
In the sailing sport, women are still underrepresented. Even at the ARC's skippers' meeting on November 19th the female presence was remarkably low.
Is women's way of sailing different from men's?
Probably not - but we can explain what sailing feels like to us.
Since we met, at the young age of 12-13 years, sailing has always meant condivision, shared decision making, confrontation about doubts and insecurities. Problems have always been solved together. But over all ... condivision doubles all the joy!!!
There still is no greater feeling than surfing while reaching with the Kite (Gennaker) and singing out loud 'para bailar la bamba...!!!' together Smile emoticon 
Ale e Ju
Position at 21:25 UTC (14:43.84N 48:33.79W)

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