Day 6 - heading to Mallorca

Marco Versari
Sat 23 Mar 2024 09:38
39:32.149N 2:25.230E alle 22:00 LT (21:00 UTC) del 22 marzo 2024

After monitoring the weather development for the upcoming days we decided to play it safe and head to Mallorca today instead of Saturday or Sunday. After a short fuel stop at Port Sant’Antony, we put up the sails and cruised with around 12knots wind along the north coast of Ibiza. Around half way of the coast the wind got so light, that we had to switch to motor again. The weather during the day changed from cloudy, to foggy to sunny with a beautiful sunset. It’s one of these days where you spend your time best hearing podcasts, having afternoon naps and read. It’s a vacation after all. After dinner - Spaghetti Carbonara with spanish jamon - we enjoyed the beautiful scenery on deck. the silver moonlight was reflecting on the almost mirror flat water. The coast of Mallorca was beautifully decorated with lights, it seemed almost surreal. Soon it was about time to prepare the arrival, put down the anchor and have a night cap around 22h30 under the stars of Mallorca at Cala Camp de Mar - what a perfectly fitting name.