Sint Maarten - Bermuda : Day 7, ARRIVATI

Marco Versari
Fri 12 May 2023 20:27
32:22.855N 64:40.580W alle 20h30:00 (23:50 UTC) del 12 maggio 2023.
After a long and dark night of the boat testing her bow on the waves -trying to dodge the big waves using only the star light proved to be difficult- we now have Bermuda in sight.
It is a great feeling to finally have a point of reference on the horizon. As that point grows bigger, so does our joy of getting closer to land. Everyone eagerly expresses what they are looking forward to, and we search the boat's library for local knowledge and inspiration.
At 20h02 local time (23h02 UTC), Avventura crossed the finish line marking the end of the Sint Maarten - Bermuda leg! In total, 887.2 nautical miles have been sailed in a time of 6 days, 7 hours and 2 minutes.
We are very happy and proud to have completed this first part, which was full of beautiful moments and varied weather conditions. The crew and boat are all well and safe, and we will now be looking forward to the longer second leg of our ocean crossing, toward the Azores.
Before that we will enjoy five days on this beautiful spot of land in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.

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