Day 3

Marco Versari
Thu 14 Sep 2023 22:36
37:16.090N 18:32.006W alle 22:00 (22:00 UTC) del 14 settembre 2023.
Finally! At 2h30 this morning we switched off the motor for good (for now at least). Silence. We started sailing under a clear night sky. The wind started to increase slowly and by 4h00 we were confident  enough to put up the small Gennaker (A3). We slowly glided over the atlantic into another beautiful sunrise. With day light the wind increased a bit more which motivated us to switch to the bigger Gennaker (A5). A perfect start into this new day! The sky was blue and small cumuli in different shades grouped above the horizon (a sky you would recognize watching the Simpsons). On deck you could hear good vibes, people singing, dancing and laughing. Changing wind, switching off the motor and changing to the big Gennaker as well as enjoying another day of sun were today's highlights of the crew.
This fabulous day was rounded with a delicious Dahl and fresh vegetables prepared by Julia.
While writing this post, the second night shift has just started. Flying the Gennaker at night without moon is not evident, but it was the challenge we were longing for the last two days.
Finally! We are sailing!