Bermuda - Azores : Day 7

Marco Versari
Tue 23 May 2023 23:01
36:11.130N 48:50.890W alle 21:00 (23:00 UTC) del 23 maggio 2023.
Yesterday was our most social night: not less than 6 cargo ships were present on the AIS. Overwhelmed by so many people, we decided to stay quiet in the night. We were joined in our silence by some dolphins, passing quickly near the boat and leaving glowing plankton trails behind them.
Today we are alone again, and even the wind is leaving us. We try to hold on to it with our gennaker, avoiding motoring for as long as possible. The calm conditions allowed for a drone photoshooting, giving great images at the cost of a perilous landing on the boat. Luckily Daniele kept all his fingers, which he put to excellent use when preparing the tastiest grilled toast with butter and anchovies ever cooked in the Atlantic.
Seeing the blue sail of the boat from afar with nothing else but the sea around us was a strange feeling, of the kind that only pictures taken from outer space give.
A dark blue dot on a pale blue dot.

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