Log Day 09: Match Race

Marco Versari
Mon 28 Nov 2022 23:15
Today, we met Pelagria, another sailing boat participating at the ARC. After more than a week and over 1400nm on different courses and with different strategies, we met again in the middle of the atlantic.
Later in the day, we gybed, and a bit later, met Pelagria again who had continued with two headsails in "butterfly"-style.
Two nice occasions to talk to the crew on the VHF-radio. It was very nice to chat, hear different voices, listen to their stories, planning to drink a beer in St Lucia.
A bit later, we had a third opportunity to socialize: a French guy called us on CHF. He is soloing the Route du Rhum on the boat 5Oceans. He had to fix several things and solve some problems, so he's behind, but trying to make it to Guadeloupe on time.
As emotionally as it is to meet a boat and people in the middle of a big ocean, what astonished me more are the birds that we keep seeing every day.
(19:01.98N 34:12.21W) 23:14 UTC

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