Day 7 - chilling in the bay

Marco Versari
Sun 24 Mar 2024 19:59
39:32.149N 2:25.230E alle 14:00 LT (15:00 UTC) del 23 marzo 2024

Today we took a chill day and enjoyed the sunshine and perfectly blue water in Cala Camp de Mar. We moved the boat just a bit to the side to be closer to nature and not in front of the public beach and used the opportunity to train some maneuvers under motor before putting down the anchor again. After that, swimming, outdoor shower, reading and sunbathing filled our day.

For the night we moved back to the beach and anchored there for the night. Camp de Mar has a little island just in front of the Beach with a restaurant on it. We couldn’t resist a night out and went there for a delicious dinner on the terrace. It’s the first time we put a foot on land since we left La Linea a week ago. It was kind of weird to be amongst other people again, but also very nice to be served for once and not have to wash dishes.

We shared together a fresh catch of Rombo fish - a curious creature for which evolution chose an 80/20 approach. It’s a flat fish, that floats horizontal on the sea bed. Both eyes are facing up - even though the one that moved around the corner seems to not have found it’s place yet. And the mouth on the other hand didn’t rotate with evolution. Looking at the picture of the fish (that you might want to google right now) you have to immagine how it swims flat, opening the mouth from it’s (new) left to right side, while looking at you slightly storted. This discussion of evolution theory gave us good laughs today.