Day 6

Marco Versari
Sun 17 Sep 2023 20:19
36:05.019N 10:23.310W alle 20:00 (20:00 UTC) del 17 settembre 2023.
Today was filled with variety. After some showers at night, we had a nice clear sky at sunrise. A small sea turtle came by to wish us a good start in the day. The good weather didn't last long. After the next shower two joyful dolphins came playing for a couple of minutes next to the boat. Later in the afternoon we had a significant decrease in wind and switched on the motor for an hour. When the wind picked up we mounted the gennaker again. So basically we had it all today.
Now our last night shifts are starting. We are expecting to reach Portuguese mainland tomorrow, from where we will continue along the coast only during day. We are excited to arrive soon, but at the same time also sad, that this special time, out there in the wide ocean comes to it's end. Let's see how the night develops, so far we enjoy another clear night sky.